CalDef Tracker WebApp - The Calorie Deficit Path to Weight Loss

There are many Websites and Apps that you can use to monitor your weight loss program. Few of them include calculating your Calorie Deficit from your calories eaten in food, and calories burned through exercise. Those that do are so blindingly complicated that the mind boggles with frustration.

The good news is that the CalDef Tracker WebApp does it all in a simple way. But, be warned that it is a brutal approach!

It highlights on a daily basis how far you have fallen behind in your weight loss goals. It estimates your calorie deficit for the day. It broadcasts a simple message - You are not losing weight => you must increase your deficit tomorrow and every day thereafter.

Introduction and Guide

You lose weight when you burn more calories than you eat - that is you create a net Calorie Deficit.

This can be done through a combination of exercising more and eating less food each day (intermittent fasting or lower portion sizes).

The simplest approach is to NOT EAT LUNCH (2 meals per day rather than 3 meals, with no snacks).

The CalDef Tracker WebApp is a single page Mobile-First app - everything is on that one page!

Set Up

You start using the CalDef Tracker WebApp with the SET UP by entering:

Calculating Your Calorie Defict

The tool predicts your target weight every day you open the application. This is simply your initial weight on your start day less the amount of weight your should have lost (number of days since the start time your loss rate).

The tool calculates you calorie deficit by first estimating:

Expected Weight Loss Based on Calorie Deficit

The tool also estimates how much weight you should have lost (or gained) based on your calorie deficit in the last 24 hours. This is simply caloies lost converted to expected weight loss.

This is where the brutal reality is revealed. If your weight loss does not match that predicted by the calorie deficit you have fallen behind. The message is clear => you need to increase your calorie deficit by eating less or exercising more!

Of course there will be delays - the weight you lost as fat may be temporarily obscured by water retention. Also, your weight will not be fixed, but will vary from day-to-day. But over a few days, or a week, you should see the results. If your weight loss program is not working you need to change it!!
Essentially you may need to adjust your daily calorie deficit to keep on track to meet your weight loss goal over time.

Adjust Your Calorie Deficit to Keep Your Weight Loss Program on Track to Reach Your Goals

If you fall behind => Eat Less or Exercise More (or both) - It's as simple as that, but not easy).

Guide to Tracker WebApp Display

Buttons to Update the calculations and to Store and Retrieve you Personal Data
Buttons to Update the calculations and to Store and Retrieve you Personal Data.

Data Storage and Recovery

Use these buttons to Update the calculations after you enter information.
The App stores your date in the memory of your device (mobile, Pad or Desktop PC).
Use the Store and Retrieve your Personal Data. This needs to be done each time you open the App and before your close it. You can delete the memory at any time (see below)

Initial Setup

The Initial Setup
The Initial Setup.

Enter this information when you first start using the App. The data is stored in the memory of your device (see above)

Progress Data - Weight Now, Calories Eaten and Burned and Outputs

Progress Data
Progress Data.

Enter the fields to calculate your calorie deficit, expected weight loss and progress.

The tool calculates:


These shortcuts provide a simple easy way of estimating calories eaten in food and calories expended in exercise

Short Cuts
Short Cuts.