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While there is a huge focus on diets and weight loss methods there is less emphasis on weight control. It has been proven that more than 70% of diets and other efforts to shed excess weight fail in the longer term. Most people that start a diet and lose some weight, quickly put the excess pounds and kilos back on when they stop dieting. This site provides articles on tips, guides and advice on the best methods for controlling your weight in the longer term. It includes articles on the best and most effective diets and food choices to restrict your calorie intake to lose weight and to control your weight.

All the articles are written by experts in dieting and human nutrition. Reliable peer-reviewed references are provides so that readers can check the advice and recommendations provided in the articles. The references also provide additional sources of information for readers interested in the topic.

It is strange that the topic of excess weight and diets is so poorly understood, especially when the world is facing and obesity epidemic that is likely to affect the majority of people on earth. Humans can send astronauts to the moon and robots to Mars and beyond, but there is no answer to obesity and its health consequences. DeSizeMe.com aims to provide real and effective answers to weight loss and weight control problems that are practical, simple and effective.

There is strong evidence that extensive food processing that began in the 1970's is largely to blame. The food 'The West' eats and exports is so rich that people 'passively' eat too many calories, that is by eating their standard '3 meals a day'. It is passive because these people overeat without deliberately gorging themselves on fast foods and poor quality foods.

=> At Last - Cause of Global Obesity Identified - We Passively Eat Too Many Calories 

Added to this is the major increase in portion sizes and meal sizes that people eat compared with the 1950's.

=> Key Causes of Obesity Identified - Snacking, Upsizing, Enlarged Portion Sizes, Overeating 

This 'up-sizing' creates a 'double whammy' impact magnifying the outcome from the richness of processed foods. The solution is to eat less both in terms of volume and in terms of the rich processed foods, by eating more whole unprocessed foods rich in fiber that 'fill you up'.

This site includes a range of articles that dispel the myths and showcase the truth about dieting, weight loss and weight control.

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